We all have a positive life force within us. Lena refers to it as our inner medicine woman.  Everyone has the ability to essentially apply healing to themselves by channeling this powerful energy.  For some it is buried deep under the weight of the worlds stress and negativity, for others it is closer to the surface, but everyone can benefit from taking time to focus on that energy, to nourish it and to use it to find peace and inner wellness.  Yoga incorporates mindful movement, controlled breathing techniques and meditation practices to help us find, and channel, that energy to enhance body, mind and spirit.

Yoga Classes

Join Lena as she leads you.  Focusing your mind and spirit on the movement of your body.  These classes are specifically for women and are designed to empower and rejoice in the female spirit.  Try out any of her classes and you will leave with a feeling of relaxation and positivity.


Lena hosts special events from time to time to encourage women to honor themselves and each other.  These events allow you to explore and grow while connecting with other women in a relaxed and positive environment.  Events are posted and announced to regular attendees generally a week to 10 days in advance.  Channel your inner medicine woman, connect with Mother Earth and find freedom from your every day routine by attending one of Lena’s special sessions.


Lena offers several scheduled group sessions throughout the week.  Group sessions are 60 minutes long and are extremely affordable.  Click below to explore the variety of offerings.  There is sure to be one perfect for you.

Private Yoga

Need some individualized instruction to be sure you understand the poses? Or perhaps you are comfortable with the basic poses but want to focus on a specific discipline.  You may need more focused stretching to recover from an injury or you may just want some one on one instruction.  Whatever the reason, a private yoga session with Lena is sure to be a treat.  Lena can design a class specifically to meet your needs.

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Women On The Path

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“I am one of the few people who actually like to exercise. I lead an interval training class a couple of days a week, I jog, I just like to be active.  I should also mention the sad truth;  I am 61 , pounds are piling on, there are rolls where there shouldn’t be and things are sagging.  So, I first came to one of Lena’s yoga classes primarily to stretch out my over worked muscles and enjoy someone else leading a class.  But, I left with much more.  Lena will lead you to a place of relaxation and acceptance.  This is definitely a no judgement zone with only positive reinforcement.  Your body will feel better and most of all your mind and attitude will be better. You will love this girl.  She is a true beauty of mind and spirit.” – Maureen Abbott
“The first time I walked into Lena’s yoga studio I felt so comfortable and at home. Lena is an amazing instructor, so knowledgeable, and calming. My body felt taller and stronger after and at the same time I was so relaxed and had a feeling of euphoria.I can’t wait for my next class! Im forever grateful about the knowledge of mind, body and spirit Lena has taught me! Namaste.” – Caren Kotlow
“Whether it’s a gentle, vinyasa or dance yoga class with Lena, I know I will leave it feeling better then when I walked in. It doesn’t matter if you have been doing yoga for years or days, Lena makes you feel comfortable and helps you through the entire flow. She truly has a gift & you will be thankful you took the time for yourself!” – Jessica LePore

“I love attending yoga lead by Lena! Her classes are amazing, physically and mentally. I leave every time feeling inspired and strong. She has a calming presence and leads instruction meaningfully.” – Kaylyn Chambers

“I have been taking weekly yoga classes by Lena for months now and am blown away by her.  She has such a calming voice as she guides you through each class.  Not only does she show you how to move the body but also how to strengthen the mind and the importance of self-acceptance to say a few. After a stressful day, she always guides me back to my center. I feel grounded, strong-minded, and at peace when I leave.  I like that I can ask her just about anything and she always has the answer I need. I also like that she offers different types of yoga and classes outside during warmer weather months.  Lena is an incredible instructor and I would highly recommend her! “

Rachel Gomez 

Ever since I met Lena, every interaction I had with her has been a mind-altering experience and expansion of my soul towards a better life. She incorporates meditation and mindfulness to her yoga practice and brings you back to the origin of what the teachings of yoga really mean. I feel that until I met Lena, I did not fully understand how yoga can influence every aspect of my life. Yoga is a way of life. Besides the physical benefits and breathing techniques of practicing yoga weekly, participating in one of Lena’s rituals is for the mind, body, and soul. She created a sanctuary for those who are drawn to expanding their horizons doing yoga near nature, increasing our awareness and stillness in the practice. Being one with nature and with each other is the way I feel every time I have practiced with her, followed by insightful conversations and personal sharing. We have done multiple rituals, from yoga poses, breathing work and yoga dance with chakra healing, always embracing the wild woman inside of you. She is not only a teacher, but she can speak to your deeper needs for connection and healing. 

Peace, love & good vibes, 

Julia Melim